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Maybe They Are Still Out To Get Me

Posted by: Sam Eaton
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2 Feb 2008

I’ve said before, I’m not a conspiracy theory buff, but I do like collecting “secret” society facts. Previously I documented a few of my favorites: The Knights Templar, The Bilderbergs, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Freemasons, Opus Dei, The Illuminati and The Order of Skull and Bones. While there are many other real ones I could mention, I thought you might be interested in three of my favorite fictional ones:


International Order of Friendly Sons of the Raccoons
Also known as the International Order of Loyal Raccoons, or at times, the Royal Order of Raccoons, Full Story »

Maybe They Are Out To Get You

Posted by: Sam Eaton
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27 Jul 2007

I’ve never been one to believe in conspiracy theories. As a general rule, we’re not very good at keeping secrets and as more people get involved, it becomes exponentially more difficult to keep those secrets. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite well-documented “secret” societies:


The Knights Templar
They have achieved more Hollywood fame Full Story »

The June 1st Conspiracy

Posted by: Sam Eaton
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1 Jun 2007

June 1st is the 152nd day of the year and the beginning of the U.S. National Accordion Awareness month, which celebrates an instrument that Mahatma Gandhi played as a child and who delivered a speech at Jamshedpur province in India, where actor R. Madhavan was born on June 1st, an actor who eventually came to star in the UTV show, Deal Ya No Deal, the Indian version of Deal or No Deal, which in the U.S. is hosted by Howie Mandel, who, in his first film role in the Canadian movie, Gas, co-starred with Donald Sutherland, who voiced a character in Simpsons episode 152, a series which included Treehouse of Horror XVI, which had a character voiced by Dennis Rodman, who was considered a personal hero by basketball player Tyrone Nelson, who was born in Washington County, Texas, which had a population of 23,103 (the square-root of which is 152) in 1870, the year in which the YWCA was founded in New York, the sister organization to the YMCA, which was celebrated in song by The Village People, who included a member who dressed as a Police officer and sang in the movie, The Wiz, which was based on the novels of L. Frank Baum, which were turned into the movie, The Wizard of Oz, in which The Wizard was played by the actor Frank Morgan, who was born on June 1st…

The 138th Day Conspiracy

Posted by: Sam Eaton
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18 May 2007

The 138th day of the year is also the episode number of The Simpsons’ “138th Episode Spectacular”, during the opening of which the family runs to a couch in a parody of M. C. Escher’s Relativity, which was created in 1953, the same year that David Gest was born and who regularly celebrates his birthday in a Roman themed celebration of the Ancient Roman festival of Faunus (May 18th, or the 138th day of the year in non-leap years) which was adapted from the Ancient Grecian Celebration of Pan which occurs on the 138th day of the year and whose name appears in the Simpsons episode entitled “Goo Goo Gai Pan” which guest starred Robert Wagner who also starred in the Austin Powers movies which owe much to the ground-breaking television series Get Smart which ran for 138 episodes and ended on the day the Ford Pinto was released, a car which is attacked by a rabies infected dog in the movie Cujo whose author, Stephen King, played in the band Rock Bottom Remainders with Matt Groening who was born in Portland, Oregon which, by the year 2014 is estimated to have a population of 2,628,072, a number whose cubed root is 138…