Enjoy The Show Or Else

Posted by: Sam Eaton
Under: Quantum Thoughts
19 Jan 2008

In an attempt to clarify the connection between laughter and health, a study was conducted on nursing mothers and their newborn children. They were shown either a Charlie Chaplin movie (a silent film eliminated language as a variable) or unexciting weather footage. Two feedings later, those children whose moms had shown visible signs of humor (they laughed) had reduced allergic reactions and when tested, their mothers’ milk had increased levels of a hormone associated with relaxation.

Charlie ChaplinBoring Map

So, even if you aren’t breast feeding, laugh for at least 15 minutes today. It’s probably good for you!

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  1. Marie-Elena Ortiz Says:

    I’m happy that someone has finally shed light on this. For years I have been trying to explain to friends that being the class clown up untill graduating college was not a bad thing and served a purpose. I would also like to add that not only did I make friends chuckle but professors as well. A little witty banter between Academics and their students is never a bad thing when executed respectfully and especially when done humorously.

    Now I get to go back and tell all my friends that making them laugh and giggle everywhere and anywhere was just a method to save both them and their unborn children from unwanted allergies and probably many other things.

    Now time to make some more people laugh and smile! 🙂

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