The 10% Solution

Posted by: Sam Eaton
Under: Quantum Thoughts
8 Jun 2007

We’ve all heard it: “You only use 10% of your brain.”

10 Percent Brain

Given the kinds of demonstrations I perform, some audience members may attribute the evening to my use of the untapped potential hidden away in that big lazy lump of grey-matter, but I don’t think so. It really doesn’t seem very likely that most of us are carrying around almost 3 lbs. of biologically expensive dead weight. Every scientific study to date indicates that every bit of our brains are used. So where does this myth come from? Its origin is unclear: A misquote of Albert Einstein, the forward to Dale Carnegie’s best-selling self-help book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, or misinterpretations of legitimate scientific studies. In any case, the idea has been popularized and is constantly refreshed by copywriters for the latest fad brain product…

I don’t use more of my brain, I just use what I have differently…

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